Hospitality Event, Showcase and Discussion at FabLearn 2019 (New York)

Message to FabLearn Attendees & Interested Parties

We have been engaged in a multi-year NSF-supported project in which we work with a school district to match Maker activities the formal science curriculum in grades 3-5. This enables us to bring Making (with electronics, physical fabrication, and programming) into the regular school curriculum to enhance the students' learning in their regular science classes without adding extra Maker curricula that competes with valuable class time. The project has been in operation longitudinally in the schools for nearly 4 years, and has yielded strong dividends in learning of both science and technology. There has been measurable increases in the students' identity and self-efficacy as being STEM-interested and capable.

We are bringing students, teachers, and administrators from one of our participating schools to share their experiences. We decided to do this in conjunction with FabLearn to catalyze discussions with reserachers and education practitioners on how Making can be integrated into formal school learning using this and other approaches.

Event is open to all Fablearn attendees. Please come and join us. We have scheduled our event on the first evening of Fablearn 2019 to avoid any conflict with other FabLearn activities. The event is sponsored by the Texas A&M University Office of the Vice President of Research, the College of Architecture, and the Institute for Technology-Infused Learning, and by the local community to enable the elementary school students to make this exciting trip from Texas.